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Program for the week of:

August 19th, 2019
... then lifting one hand of Imam Ali (a.s) into his own upright solemnly He proclaimed three times: "Whomsoever I own the guardianship, Ali (a.s) too owns the guardianship of that. May God uphold those who befriend Ali (a.s) and may He turn from those who turn enemy to him."

Salaamun Alaikum,

During the month of Zilhajj, Eid-e-Ghadeer functions and Eid-e-Mubahila, we are requesting your donations for Niaz on those special days. Please can contact any member of BOL or BOD asap with your pledge so arrangement can be made.

Soon we all will gather to commemorate the Aza of Imam Hussain (AS) in honor of the Lady of Light Bibi Sayyeda (SA). Momineens are also kindly requested to donate generously towards the upcoming Muharram Program by contacting a member of BOL or BOD.

Madressa want to try and GO Green! to promote environment, and early responses from parents you will find the link for online registrations! It will save you time and papers!! We want to encourage all to use the online form.

For the upcoming first ashra of the Month of Muharram,
Our guest speaker in English will be Shaykh Mountather Al-Karbala'i from Ottawa.
Our guest speaker in Urdu will be Maulana Mohamad Abbas from Montreal.
Our guest speaker for Ladies will be Zakira Zainab Ghulam from Winnipeg and our resident Zakira, Zakira Ishrat Fatema.

Jumu'ah prayers will start at Awal Waqt. Sermons will be held in English.

Monday August 19th
(18th Zilhajj night) Eid e Ghadeer
07:30pm Niaz
08:12pm Namaz Maghribain
08:45pm Quasidas
09:15pm English Urdu Milad
10:00pm Zyarat
Ladies will have a separate program

Thursday August 22nd
(21th Zilhajj) Shahadat Sons of H. Muslim (AS)
07:30pm Shabe Juma Duas
08:08pm Namaz Maghribain
08:45pm Marshias
09:00pm Urdu Majlis
09:45pm Matam and Zyarat
Ladies will have a separate program
Essale Sawab Majlis for the 40th of Marhum Nazir Karim

Saturday August 24th
(23rd Zilhajj) Eid al Mubahila and annual Ghadeer Mehfil
07:00pm Niaz
08:05pm Namaz Maghribain
08:25pm Munajaat
08:35pm Milad
09:00pm Ghadeer Mehfil

Please follow this link and you can make an online donation.